Future of Internet

By | May 21, 2023

The world has advanced a lot with the touch of fast and reliable communication medium internet. After 1990′s it has gained a revolutionary change in speed and bandwidth. Continuous development in the internet sector will bring fundamental changes to the world’s community and globalism. The predicted sectors which are going to be knocked by the rapidly advanced internet facility are as follows:

The future internet will centralize the world community to a single bond. Global information and knowledge transformation cost will be lowering continuously with this advancement. Anyone will have easier access to any kind of information. People will be smarter soon and they will have more awareness about the outside world along with the local environment. This will help building better international relationships.

Enormous use of internet is bringing unity to the communities. Local communities are already organized and they are going for global relationships. Internet is serving them fast communication medium such as websites, social networking sites, mailing lists and newsgroups and so on. In future internet will be faster than now which will empower this bond at every neighborhood level. The future internet can also be a threat to the communities if it is used wrongly. Ease of establishment of the relationships can make the communities self-centered by changing their expectations.

The future of the internet in the field of technology will be milestones to the new generations. Communications with voice and video exchange on the internet began a few years ago. After that VIOP communication has extended the area coverage range. In future something new is waiting for which will make it much easier and faster. The use of iPods, Xboxes, iPhones and TiVos are the real application of internet centered products. GPS tracking system, the use of satellite for vehicle tracking, controlling of home or industrial appliances with mobile SMS and security system will be much stronger in future.

In future the bandwidth of the internet service will rise to an incredible amount. Bandwidth over 10 Mbps range will be available for home use through cable, wireless network or mobile phones. High-speed internet will enable the access of high-resolution video and audio files through internet. At the same time cost will decrease with the continuous improvement.

The future internet will bring a great knock to the wireless communications. Increased wireless frequency will enable the access to high-speed intent without any cable connection. It will bring flexibility of use. Anyone will be able to access high-speed internet from anywhere by using an edge modem, mobile phones, Y-max and Wi-Fi technology.

The future internet will enable the connection of more than thousands of computers together to solve problems. The internet will get the integration to televisions, phones, home appliances and other devices. Anyone will be able to control, access and status all the infrastructures through internet from anywhere.

The use of internet is rapidly growing and it is assumed that after some days the present addressing system (IPv4) will not be able to accommodate the growth. The researchers are working hard to bring the next generation addressing system namely IPv6 system which will serve enough addresses to last until the universe’s heat death.